so i wrote this song blitzed. i thought of the bongo part first and the rest kind of unfolded. i was mostly listening to Floyd when i wrote it (i cant really see a connection between the two haha). i dont really know what genre i would call this either. its got a posthardcore feel but its a little different. idk tell me what you think.
I liked it. Love the bongos. Their mixture with the drums gives it a very cool feel. I also liked the chorus. I get a big Incubus vibe from it, which is great. Not too complex, but definitely enjoyed it a lot. I like how you use lots of different chords, gives it a different feel from the standard power chord fest. Good job writing blitzed by the way!

P.S.: Where's your thread with your song that was labeled epic 2? I downloaded it a few days ago, loved it, but never commented on it.
Prog-metal/post-rock straight from the mountains of Colorado.
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Ooh, bongos. Very Mars Volta/At the Drive-in.

This is very cool, I love the solo too. It's funny, as great as the lead part was, I was truly more impressed with your chord choice for the rhythm guitar. Great stuff, I'd love to hear a band play all your songs.
thomasoman: if my band was still together we probably would play this. we just broke up though :[

but im trying to start a new band with some of the old members and get some of my other buds to play keys and stuff. my old band's myspace is in my sig we have a couple of songs up im really proud of.