hey guys, i've never done ANY kind of construction, so I'm gonna need some assistance. I'm gonna make a pedal board, I just don't know how big I need it... I've got an ME-50, two Tubescreamers, two Bosses, a footswitch, and an A/B box. Can i get some suggested dimensions/tips?
thanks, iwas lookign for something a bit easier. don't really have that much time...anything else?
is it really that hard? get a piece of plywood. draw your shape and sized. get a circular saw. spray it and maybe glue a piece of carpet on it. that simple. its not like a guitar where every .005 inch counts.
Lay your pedals on the floor in the positions you'd want them if they were on a board. Leave space for additional future pedals if necessary. Measure around them.

Cut wood.
a guy told me that the tremolo bar was called the "distortionator"