Everyone knows (and most likely loves) the g-system. It's pretty cool but there are some things I'd like different. For example more effect loops and not the built-in effects.

Basically what I want, is a true bypass board which can control the amp channel as well and has presets. Try to think about it, a true bypass board with 8 individual loops and a channel selector, and preset banks.

So simply, (for example) at preset 1 I have my chorus and echo pedals (in loops 2 and 3) and my amp on clean. And when I switch to preset 2, my overdrive pedal and wah (in loops 1 and 4) switches on, the other effects are switched off, and the amp changes into dirty.

Is this possible? Does it already exist? And if no, why? (and where can I possibly get it custom built?)
Your tip just made me look around a bit, and I noticed the Ground Control Pro, and then I noticed that if you combine that with the RG-16 from RJM Music, you got the exact thing I'm looking for

Thanks for the help man