Okay I'm a total noob at customizing, I like minor tweaks that change my sound or change my guitars look. I have a squier strat that I have been tinkering with on and off and don't have strings on it at the current time do to painting and pickguard replacement. I took off the pickup covrs to the srat so now the pickup is conpletly exposed, wil this
A. Make my volume a lot stronger
B. F**k up my guitars sound terrible and feedback like a motherf**ker
C. Not change anything.

Don't question or comment about my possible answers I'M A NOOB!
Taking the covers off won't have much of an effect. Raising the pickups closer to the string will, but may make the sound muddy. Try a bigger amp if you want it 'louder'.
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it might make it a bit strong, I have the same guitar and I tried that it didn't do much.but you might not even notice anything.