That was really good man. Not really my style of music but I really enjoyed it. I really liked the chord progression and the harmonies. This made me remember how bad I am at acoustic stuff,lol. The recording quality was really good to. Good stuff.
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Good ballad Maybe add some vocals on that?

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thats pretty cool, definitely a different sound on the guitar recording, what exactly is that in the beginning? an effect on a electric or is that like an acoustic guitar and an electric combo? either way pretty cool, i like that little synth sounding bit on the second half of the song nice touch

and thanks for the crit
cool tune

you've got a cool sounding acoustic-like thing there. im trying to get somewhere that close but haven't yet

good progression... maybe "subtle" vocals? it'd make a pretty pleasing relaxing tune

oh and love that effect at the end

this reminds me of a somewhat emotional video game ending
Nice. My main criticism would just be production quality, but the playing sounds good. This could definitely be developed into something nice with bass and drums.

Do you have some serious compression on the main guitar? I'd like to hear the guitar's tone a bit more. Sounds awfully muddled. Pretty twangy as well.

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    thanks for all the crit everyone it's way appreciated, and i thought this thread was dead
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