We were in Rockers in Denmark Street, in the acoustic guitar area at the back. It's a tiny little room absolutely filled with guitars, so you are very conscious not to knock one while you're in there. So there's me, my two mates (Mike and Fares) and two strangers looking at guitars on the wall. Very crowded.

Mike starts saying "Hey this could be a really bonding situation if we knocked over a guitar, it'd be like if a hooker died in our flat and even though only one of us is to blame we'd all have to stick together to cover it up so we don't have to pay for it."

One of the strangers there just started cracking up, I was pissing myself.

I think it should be recorded in a book of ****ing brilliant moments.

And if you're not laughing then maybe you had to be there. :P
Yeah I think it's one of those have to be there moments.
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Yeah probably would have been funny if I were there, but I wasn't so alas, I don't find it funny.
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You laugh now, but wait until you guys end up with a dead hooker. Then who'll be laughing!?
Sorry, unless you have a recording I can't really laugh.

But I'm sure it was funny from your perspective.
I was there. I didn't feel it.
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thats jokes but maybe you have to know the room i do i think is rockers the shop to the right of the shop that is full of fenders
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I was there. I didn't feel it.

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thats jokes but maybe you have to know the room i do i think is rockers the shop to the right of the shop that is full of fenders

Why would knowing the room help the joke?
LMAO!!! that sounds absolutely hilarious!! i am literelly pissing myself!! wish i was there...must have been funnier in real life :P

Suffering the recent loss of a hooker myself, I find that rather offensive to tell you the truth.
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That sounds pretty funny.

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I was there, I have to admit, it was hilarious.

I got the "I was there when..." T shirt too, but might flog it on ebay. Sure to earn a bit.

that really is pretty great
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I think it would've been funnier if one of you proceeded to knock over a guitar and yell out "THE BITCH DIED!" And just run out of the room.
That made me do a mini-lol

,lol spamwise i would sig you if were not for me being afraid of my sig being too big

EDIT: I managed to fit it in!
EDIT2: It does seem a little bit big but meh it happens
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and mate: ure the first 08er to make me laugh kudos

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i feel something...

oh wait, that's my phone vibrating on my dick.

sorry not funny....

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Yeah, i had one of those "You had to be there" moments today, acctually

Me and my friends juan and tucker were walking to class, and tucker started complaining that his leg hurt. i asked why, he said "Because i broke a big stick over my brothers head, and he started chasing me down the street with it." and my friend juan said "dude, thats nasty, you smashed your stick over your brothers head?" and i said "Juan, i think he means he broke his brothers penis, OVER his brothers penis's head, and now i must ask, tucker, HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?!?!"

Tuckers response - "It was a long and hard process..."

Me and juan nearly pissed ourselves laughing.

EDIT: Looking back, it WAS stupid thing to laugh at, but, it was 6 in the morning, and we were tired, ANYTHING was funny then...
i actually found that mildly amusing. I smiled.
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