so i have an Ibanez RG321, and an Ibanez RG220, i want to take the pickups out of the RG31 and put them in the RG220 because the RG220 has a floyd rose and the RG321 doesnt. But i noticed that theres only a 3 way switch on the RG220 and a 5-way switch on the RG321, so would that mean i have to change the switch along with the pick-ups? if so is that difficult to do?
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i'm pretty sure you'd have to re-wire it, that or it isn't exactly possible if you have no idea what your doing.
instead of switching just the pickups, switch all the electronics (pots, wires, jack) and you wont have to worry. you would still be able to put whichever knobs you wanted each guitar, as well as humbucker rings, so it'll look normal.
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you could wire it so its:
Neck - Neck Split - Middle - Bridge Split - Bridge
It would be kinda cool...
the RG220 is alot older and doesnt have as nice pick ups, plus i just like the ones in the RG321 alot more anyway
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Neither of them have particularly great pickups, it's really not worth the effort.
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