im pretty new to all this lyric writing jazz and was hoping for a little bit of help.
this is basicly a song about me and an old friend growing apart but cant think where else to take it

wheres the little boy with the broken smile
hes changed so much in such a little while
remember when we were all the best of freinds
and our summer breaks never seemed to end

but wheres it all gone now that we've grown
obsessed with money and the things that we own
never happy with the things that we have
what i wouldnt give to bring them summers back
no one can tell you how or what you got to write in a song
but i can tell you how i write my songs
when i got the idea
i write all my ideas, words, thougts, just like that
and then i try to put them in the right place
just like that
anyway, i like your lyrics
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