This song is a song I wrote and I think it turned out great. Any criticism is much appreciated. If you turn on RSE be sure to set the volumes correctly cause it may hurt your ears lol. But listening with out RSE works fine

The Stand.zip
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Sounds pretty good, i think.

But you should improve the drums in the Intro + Verse, they need some snares...

The guitarparts were done pretty good, i like them all, nothing bad to say.

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The drums in the first verse sounded so off, to me...I had to shut it off.

After that it was all cool, nothing to complain about really. Bar 34 was possibly my favorite bit in the song, though. The lead guitar parts sounded empty without a loud rhythm backing, so keep in mind for that. The reprises with distortion were cool, no complaints.

Honestly, it's only a few nuances I'm anal about 9/10

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Nice intro, sounds pretty tense. Again, the drums definetly need improving. Use of snare in verse 1 would be good. My favourite part was when the distortion came in. To me, that sounded really powerful, especially the harmonised part. Everything after that was great as well. 9/10

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