Does anyone know a web site (besides rondomusic and eastwood) that sells relativly (SP?) good guitars that aren't normal name brand and are some what cheap??
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It's relatively

Now when you say not normal do you mean not a normal shape or not a normal brand? I also second Agiles, even though you said nothing off of rondomusic.


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I don't want a normal shaped guitar, but still comfortable to play and I want it to sound good, ya know?
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hmm. ebay? there's tons of weird shit on there.

and you know it's "medicine" not "medacine" right? unless jack white decided to spell it differently or something..
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look at Agile's

there should be no more answers after this one.
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Yeah, I know I spelt it wrong, I've just been to lazy to change it.
So besides Rondo, there's nothing?
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Ive been looking at their f-series, since i don't want another strat shape,
but that might be too mainstream for you
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Omg you people are duuuumb lol

he's asking if there's any other no-name guitar sites out there like rondomusic that sell good quality guitars at a cheap price. I'd like to know the answer to this as well. never heard of eastwood, looks like some kind of car restoration site to me
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also Carvin, I think they have decent prices...

i hope your being a smartass lol
"My jedi powers are far more superior than yours"
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i hope your being a smartass lol

if i wanted to be a smart ass, i would say to look at Ran guitars...I just havn't looked at Carvin's prices in a while
jackson or agiles
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