So I have shifted gears from long ago with my guitar and picked up the bass, so me and my drummer wanna start a funk jam band, we need a name tho. We cant make anything up were really bad at it, weve only come up with, "Bliss" "Attaboy" "funk that" or "Funktion" but i kinda wanna better one than either of those haha, please help
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tbh, I like Funktion. I would honestly follow a band with that name...it's so retro-70's. Funk is my favourite genre so maybe I'm a little biased but I like that name
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Your welcome
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Funk and Jam?

How about Junk? ololololol
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The name don't make de band. The band and the music made the name sounds good.

But if AC/DC were called "Some Dudes From Australia", would they be nearly as big as they are now? I think not.
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But if AC/DC were called "Some Dudes From Australia", would they be nearly as big as they are now? I think not.


You need a name that grabs people's attention but still reflects the kinda music ya play.

TS, try searchin the nets for band generators. There's a bunch of sites that allow you to enter a word or words and then generate a band name. That's, ironically, how my band got our name.
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Funktion is a Jamiroquai tune. A decent one at that, he's got better though.

I propose the name "Funk the Whales." Additional side-title, "and the Primetime Variety Jivin' Five." Even if there aren't more than 5 members.
The Funky Pit Munkeys

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benedict/st. peter and the popetones
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gnarly charlie and the naughty diplomats

this is a composite of my favorites from threads like this
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Funk and Jam?

How about Junk? ololololol

actually, just Funk'n Jam
sounds pretty sweet...