Figured I could get a unbiased opinion from some of you guys.

I have been playing with a Spider III 15 watt, which in my opinion has a horrible tone and it just sounds so fake (I guess that is what you would call it). Anyways, I really want to make the jump to a Mid-range amp that could be at some point played at small shows (that's a big maybe). I'm probably willing to drop 500-700 for it and I'd prefer a tube, unless some can convince me otherwise. It would have to be bought new because I'd rather not have to deal with getting screwed buying used. Thanks for any advice.
What music do you play?
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We need genres, there are plenty of great amps in that price range.


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prog rock, blues rock, experimental. Lot's of jimmy Paige, David Gilmour, Claudio Sanchez. I'm wanting to get into some stuff like Tera Melos in the future, but that's pretty complicated for me at the moment.
I'd have to say a used Classic 30. Or maybe even a Vox AC30, not sure. I'd heard good things about both.
A used AC30 would be perfect actually. But The Classic 30 or Traynor YCV50 would be excellent.
At that range, def a combo
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depends on where you live.

Felix listed some great options, but where you are on the rock kinda dictates pricing/availability.
Nearest major metropolis/gotham?
Just wanna say thanks. Obviously I need to know more before I make a big decision like this, It's a big thing for me to dish out this much money for anything, but all the suggestions are appreciated.
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^Sweaty - he has 500-700 and wants a tube amp. Why would he buy any of those?


TS - there are tons of great amp in houston area - give us a minute

Sorry, I thought he had a smaller budget. My bad.
I don't think I'm sure what music styles you play but here is a range of stuff...i got tired of pasting...........

Peavey Classic 50 combo tweed (do all- buy this) $600

Crate V6112 $300 (def worth a look for heavey rock)

Carvin 5-16w tube - looks fun for cheap $265 or something

Fender Twin Reverb reissue 65 if you want clean blues stuff $650

More super loud cleans Fender Hot Rod Deluxe $440 or something

Oct 19 - Fender Bassman 410 4X10 bass speaker cabinet. - $325 - (West Houston) pic
Oct 19 - Fender Bassamn 400H bass amp head - $375 - (West Houston) pic

A little steep for a 5150 and over budget by a bit.

Sweaty ^ No worries
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Good stuff

Classic 30 does a good for what you want
(BTW I just saw coheed friday night at Terminal 5 in NYC, one of the best shows i've ever ****ing seen)
+2 - yeah I was actually LOOKING for a Classic 30 and couldn't find one which surprised me but I only went back a week or so.

I said I wasn't sure on styles 'cause I didn't recognize all those musicians (shame) so the 5150 is prolly not a good bet as it is a metal machine
Dude ****KKK that neverender shit, It's so depressing for people like me lol. At least I'll get a live cd out of the whole thing