I've got a 1973 fender twin reverb I've owned and used for years. I still haven't a clue why the master volume has a push/pull pot. any ideas? thanks
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It may be like a bright switch sort of thing

well, it already had a bright switch on front of amp.
From wikipedia:

"From about 1973 forward, a master volume with pull-boost (on a push-pull control) became a standard feature on all dual-channel silverfaced Fender models (usually known as "master volume" amps). Original master volume amps from late 1972 were made for a short time without that "pull boost" circuit on the master volume control."
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^ mmm, but I wonder what its for, mine is kinda staticky so I can't tell much difference.

ahhh!! sorry overlooked the word PULL-BOOST.

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I used a Twin Reverb for awhile that had a pull-pot on the volume that switched it to a drive channel of sorts. It really just sounded horrible, like a fizzy, lifeless preamp distortion. It really served no purpose for me, as it never as good as the amp did clean, or using a pedal for drive/distortion.