Okay, I was taking lessons up until two months ago when I had to quit. Admittedly, I never practiced like I should have and for the length of time I've been playing I still think I'm really sloppy.

Now that I'm doing this on my own, I'm worried about developing bad habits. Thing is, when I had a teacher he never told me about proper technique, he just sort of had me play, so I guess any bad habits I have are already there. My right hand is shit, in particular.

My question is, is trying to go about classical without a teacher a bad idea? Can my poor fingerring hand be corrected? I don't know whether I should get another teacher because it was pretty expensive before and all my teacher usually did was either tab out songs for me (I still don't read sheet music) or outline what fingerings to use. $20 per half hour again or not? Agh!
Your teacher was shi* if you ask me, you don't have to have a teacher teaching you, you know. Buy a book or something and learn how to read sheet music, explain how you finger pick I might be able to deduce out your weaknesses but it's not as good as having someone there with you. (I'm lucky I get lessons for free)
Definitely learn to read sheet music it'll hep you in the long run. Also i would say that getting a teacher for a while to just teach classical guitar is a good idea. once you have the technique down pat and are starting to read sheet music well then id probably be more relaxed to not having a teacher. However as you probably all ready know there are a few ways you can hurt yourself playing guitar if you do not have proper technique and i would hate to see your guitar "career" cut short because of it, so for technique get a teacher.