I'm interested in a Gretsch Electromatic Corvette... but there's one thing I don't like about it: The Bigsby. I've never owned a guitar with a tremolo before because I don't use them. But, the Corvette is just too tasty to ignore.

Is it possible to lock the Bigsby or by some means render it inoperable? I'd rather not just remove the handle and let it be.
remove the handle and put some kind of block where the spring was.
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Walker Rose.
I say try the Bigsby. They're not as 'violent' as, say, Ibanez's tremolos, and I think they look sexy :p
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I say try the Bigsby. They're not as 'violent' as, say, Ibanez's tremolos, and I think they look sexy :p

...What? Did you even look at TS' post?
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can't you just take it off and put a stop tail or a tailpiece there?

Yup, this.
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have you tried the guitar out? if not why not do so, and if you still don't like the bigsby then get rid of it, but if you find out that you do infact like it, then you can alway leave it on

do they not make that guitar without the bigsby on?

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I've played a friend's Corvette and it sounded amazing, and so I'm shopping about for my own. Unfortunately I don't think they make a version with a stopbar

The reason I want to lock down the Bigsby is because I never even touch them when I play, and I want to increase the tuning stability by rendering it inoperable. I don't see a point in letting the trem loose if I don't use it.
replace the spring with a block of wood
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