here's a new track im workin on. It's instrumental, supposed to be thrash metal. It's me on guitar and drumkit from hell keeping the time.

In my profile: "hypercane"

High quality on youtube:
(may or may not load)

all feedback appreciated. this song was going to be longer but reaper crashes when i open it, so im workin on making a new version.
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Hey dude! Thanks for checking out my track. First of all, let me say that you had a cool drumtrack in this song, but at the beginning it seemed to overpower the guitars, you had some really awesome riffs, I especially liked the on that starts at 1:15. You've got some sick rhythm in this track. Everything seems synchronized quite perfectly. I wasn't really feeling the riff that came in at about 2:24, it seemed just a little out of place. This track reminded me a little of Orion by Metallica, cool stuff man. Awesome job!
First off, thanks for the crit dude. I really appreciate your kind words about my song.

Second off, your song kicks ass! The musicianship and production of it are both really good. The drum production sounds particularly good imo, even if it is just a time keeping beat. I think the song would sound better with vocals though, rather than just leaving it an instrumental. The only other things I can say are put some bass on there, and maybe a more complex drum track? Good shit though man, good shit!
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