This is an old one of mine that I figured I'd share. The actual rhythm of the lyrics is a little weird (at least, in the context I used as I wrote it), so Idk.

Assassin in Black

I am the darkest terror,
A dreadful and horrid sight,
I come to do his bidding,
So I am summoned here tonight.

A sinner's worst nightmare,
I come to take their faults away,
So if you tend to sin, take care,
I'll take you to your grave.

More pestilent than any disease,
I'll kill you before the morn,
And you'll never ever expect me,
No one will show to mourn.

Who knew I'd come for you?
You took her, your lust, to bed,
Who knew, It'd be so soon?
Next thing you know you're dead.

Of silent flight, dark as night,
Your death is my obsession,
Out of sight, it is my right,
To make your death a lesson.

Deadly as death, I'll take your breath,
Blah blah blah your soul to keep,
Focus no less, I'll have your head,
Its your honor to die by me.

Assassin in black, hand of death,
You'll never ever expect me,
Like a fashion I'm in, like a dog I'm out,
I'll take you in your sleep.

Assassin in black, a hand of God,
I'll cleanse you of your sins,
Like a fashion I'm in, religious dog I'm out,
I'll drive the nails in.

Assassin in black.
Assassin in death.

Woah, I'll take your breath.

God save you.
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