hey everybody

i've been recording all my stuff on a almost 2 year old macbook with a 120 gig hard drive (upgraded when crashed ) , 1 gig of ram, and a 2GHZ intel processor. i've been recording on my macbooks built in webcam mic :O

im looking for a better, more professional sound.

i know that garageband has its limits, and thats what i've been using...
i've been thinking of using either logic express, or getting pro tools, but i consider that pro tools may be a hastle because of my specs, and current 65 available gigs on my hard drive.

other than a midi keyboard, which i already have (my yamaha clavinova has midi output), what will i need?

recommendations on little 8 track mixers, interfaces, mics, anything will be appreciated
haha. shows my lack of awareness on UG.

didnt even know that such a thread existed, despite being here for almost a year.

never go on anywhere but the pit :p
sorry guys.
um, a line 6 toneport?
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