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I am in the very early stages of designing a songwriting workshop and I was hoping you folks could give me some input.

I personally want to lead a lyric writing session, and I'd like to ask a friend to handle the musical end of things, naturally my ideas about lyric writing are a little more complete and I don't know how the music only break out will work.

4-8 attending people (sans me and whoever is handling the music end of things); 2 days long; currently I don't want to organize it by genre, I'd like to let whoever is interested show up with whatever style they happen to have

day 1 (everyone brings a work in progress (lyrics written out) and an instrument to play songs with):
Morning: Icebreaker/mini aesthetic discussion (45 minute ish)
Everyone plays their song as is and gets general feed back from the group(2 1/2 hour ish)

Afternoon: Split into two groups for alternating music/lyrics sessions (half the attendees would be in each group; do one for few hours then the other for a few hours). (2 hours each?)

lyrics (after I make copies of everyone's written lyrics) We ask for an encore performance of each person's song and write comments and suggestions on the lyric copies as they perform. Each song is followed by an indepth discussion about the lyrics--I'll prompt how to talk about them--cliche, effectiveness, idiosyncracy, how well they fit the music, etc. We'll either start or end with everyone talking about their personal lyric writing strategies.

Songwriting ('I'm not so sure) Session begins with a mini lecture on popular music structures/progressions and each person discusses approaches they like to take and how they see their song as working. Each person performs and others actively listen, taking notes on strengths, weaknesses, etc. and discussion follows suit.

Day 2 (everyone starts a new piece overnight and brings it for the next day.)

Morning--each person performs the new piece and group discussion follows over both music and lyrics.

Afternoon--split off in partners for a few hours for very close readings of each other's songs and discussion of styles.

Evening--everyone plays a song or two for whatever audience I can manage to wrangle up. (obviously I'd try to arrange a rather large audience far in advance--though I'm clueless as to how to do so since this isn't a typical show).

So, as much as I wrote, this is pretty bare bones and I want your help in figuring out how to organize the whole shebang, lots of details need to be considered: How realistic is my current agenda? What kind of materials on songwriting could I distribute or discuss with them? Any other ideas for activities? How do I advertise the workshop, how to I get a crowd for the performance? So on and so forth, I'd really like to here every possible suggestion anyone could have.

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