Well, All Hallows Eve is nearly upon us, and I'm in the mood for some scary stories. . .

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I wanna be scared
I lived in this house when I was really young, where an army general or something and his wife had died... We found human bones in the backyard, and that scared my entire family to the point of almost simultaneously releasing our bowels.

There were always noises and footsteps you could heard, and things falling over and breaking in the middle of the night. It was pretty scary, and it wasn't just us, after we moved out, we rented it out to some University girls who could apparently always hear a man talking in the basement at a certain hour of night. Ew. I don't really believe in the supernatural or things of that nature, but I've gotta admit that house would make you cry it was so scary.


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This is a true story that happened to me about 2 years ago.
I came home at about 2.00 am and i saw a ghost