do you have any favourite licks youve created or from anywhere else that you like?

perhaps you could try them in that key

noodle around with bends, hammer ons/pull offs, vibrato, pinch harmonics, some smooth legato speed licks etc. for a good hour and eventually you'll stumble across a really cool lick that you'll like. this idea might not work for everyone but it works for me, in any key
yngwie malmsteen. all he does uses harmonic minor.

edit: arg sorry, nevermind. i thought you mentioned harmonic minor.
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First you should make sure the backing to the solo fits. What is it?
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Quote by Vallowary
Ok, so I'm trying to write a solo in C (melodic minor) but just cant find anything that sounds any good

I assume you're trying to achieve a jazz sound, hence using this scale. So the following is based on my initial assumption, apologies in advance if I'm wrong about that.

I'd forget about the Melodic Minor. If your knowledge of the Major Scale is solid, you'll be able to look at each chord and it's related mode(s). It's all about note choice, you'll get some interesting sounds that way.

Look at some intervallic patterns, arpeggios within each chord and it's mode, throw some mini sweeps in there....err, string skipping, occasional legato or alternate picking flurries.

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Use your ear. Don't just randomly play around hoping for things that sound good- use your head for writing.