When we were on the couch in my basement, we started to get a little physical when she quoted austin powers saying "shaga-delic baby" .......turn off

"Every time one of your friends tried to talk to me, I realized how ugly they are and how ****ing hot you are, so one thing led to another."
there's so many better things she could have said, like "I... DRINK... YOUR... MILKSHAKE!" or something.
signatures are budget.
Considering your sig contains something very similar to a post in the "Weirdest thing that happened when dating a girl" thread, I think you should take this there.
oh jesus ALL THE TIME! and it's always these quotes from weird independant movies nobody has ever seen

but what the hell i love her haha i can get over it
It's usually the other way around.

My ex and I were making out once while watching Anchorman.
And I'd stop, quote the scene, then resume.

She thought it was cute thought cause I was such a dork.
Oh ho ho.

I miss her.