So im using a bad monkey overdrive now only as a boost with the level knob. Other knobs at zero.
Would it be any better to use a higher quality OD when im only using it as a boost?
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If you have $240 bucks for a Keeley TS9 Flexi... Sure... But if you dont have the cash to blow then its not needed. The Bad monkey is the best out of about 15 or so od's I have tested/owned/demo'ed and the only one to beat it as a clean boost is my TS9DX - FLEXI 4X2. There might be something cheaper out there but I haven't found it. Especially if your looking for something transparent with low and high controls. For those purposes I still prefer my Bad Monkey.
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Well better is.... better. try something of a higher quality and you may find you'll use it for more then just a boost.
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just get a diamond j-drive mark 3.

it makes EVERYTHING in the world better.
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