It seems to me that there are alot of incorrect tabs out there.......but there are people who own tab books......so why doesn't anyone put the tabs there? in all honesty is it illegal? I don't personally know. also is it illegal to post tabs here? as in picture tabs from books?
Well, you must have transcribed the piece yourself to post it here.

Alot of tab sites have been shut down, but UG pays the artists royalties I think. Some people say it's because UG is based in Russia though so there are different laws.

Also, I will point out, tab books are not always correct. They are just someones interpretation... Yes, they are professionals, but everyone makes mistakes.
There will always be incorrect tabs whether they're on this website or from a book.

It is illegal to copy from tab books - it would be like photocopying a book from the library - but there are some on the internet, quite a few in powertab or guitar pro format these days.
Also, most songs don't get tab books made for them.
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