So I'm new to all this recording and interface, and I'm just going over with people to see if I'm getting the right thing and that I'm not just wasting my money.
So i actually want to record some demos, i know i need to mic up my amp, get an interface and all that.

i'm already going to use drum looks from that one software acoustica something.
i'm going to "multitrack" i think? when i just record one at a time and mix them all together at the same time ( vocals, bass, guitar, drumloops)
and i'm already getting an sm57 mic.

so now i just need to know which interface i need.

i have a kinda slow windows xp, and i want something with like no latency or barely noticable.

so i came down with these two choices.
which one would be better. thanks


and this

Well, I know I am being patronising with this first question but you do have a Firewire port don't you? (Just because you said your computer is old, thought you might not have...just making sure, sorry lol )

They're both good units and will both give good sound and low latency (although remember that the performance of your computer is also a factor in how much latency you will get). I'd personally go for the Mackie. It's cheaper, and I've heard great things about its preamps.

Also, (and this is bad advice and completely superficial so don't even take notice) the Presonus looks so shoddy next to the Mackie.
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If you have Vista, don't get the Mackie. For some reason, they haven't even bothered to release compatible drivers. However, it has balanced i/o (inputs/outputs) and can work with hardware effects like compressors very well.

As for the Presonus, it's awesome. If you don't mind controlling volumes through software, you'll like it. The only drawback is the RCA outs, which are a bit inconvenient if you are running cables around CRT monitors or for long distances.
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mm no i don't have firewire. but i'm planning on getting that firewire card slot thingy to connect to my computer.
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mm no i don't have firewire. but i'm planning on getting that firewire card slot thingy to connect to my computer.

are you using a desktop or laptop?

because if its a laptop, then the Firewire extension card wont supply bus-power to the interface, you'll need to keep it plugged in to the mains.
just something to bear in mind.

if its a desktop then your fine.
Most likely a desktop, when i actually do start recording.

but from those two interfaces.

the presonus and mackie

anyone know which one is still the best?