Alright, so I have the option of either getting a CryBaby 535Q (The Multi Wah), or saving up a bit more to get the Washburn WI64V.
Currently I use a VOX AD15VT amp, an Epiphone LP Special II, and I have no wah pedal.
The Wah pedal costs around £150 or so, and the Washburn is £300 or so.
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Er... that's a rather odd choice. A brand new guitar or a wah pedal?

Well, think about it; what do you need more? I'd probably hit up the guitar first then get the pedal mainly because I don't use the pedal much. Do you need a wah pedal that much?
Buy the wah pedal second hand, probably could find one for £60..

Which leaves more room for a second hand guitar
wah anyday

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