Hello all, im planning on doing my first refinish on my old ibanez rg2ex1. I took a look at some of the refinishing threads and stickies and right now am trying to pull off what i can remember from the top of my head.
As much as i like glossy finishes i want to give my ibanez a new look, so im thinking of a gray satin finish sort of like what the rg5ex1 looks like.
For supplies, i have none, so my shopping list is something like this:
Black primer (is that okay for a gray finish?)
Gray paint (is there a certain color out there that would closely match the rg5ex1? or do i just have to eyeball it?)
Do I need clear coat for a satin finish?
sandpaper grits, 80, 120, 180, do i need to get any higher ones?
Anything I miss?

Also, for the hardware part of my guitar, i assume i just pull off my volume and tone knob right? and the rest of the parts i can just unscrew or unsolder right? Sorry i know im answering my own questions but i just dont want to damage it.
Grey primer
Grey lacquer (eyeball it)
Satin clearcoat

^All Lacquer^

You need only the following grits of sandpaper

120 (to get the finish off, or scuffed up)
220 (To smooth the base out a bit)
320 (To smooth the base out more for painting)
600 wet (to sand in between coats)
1200 wet (for final finishing)
1600 wet (for final finishing)
2000 wet (for final finishing)

A power sander if you're going to completely remove the paint.
A block of 2x4 or something to use as a sanding block, to keep your work even.

Some 3M scratch remover or something. You won't need to buff it because you are doing it satin, but you'll need remove the tiny scratches left by the 2000 grit.

Yeah, just unsolder and unscrew all the parts. If your strings will be off for a very long time (months) then loosen the truss about a quarter or half a turn. Mask the whole neck, overspray is a bitch. If you are taking the neck off, then mask the pocket, so it fits back in again.

Check out the ultimate refinishing thread for method on painting.
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Actually, i changed my mind and now im thinking of trying a red/black burst, mostly like the attached photo, minus the flamed maple top.

I looked at http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/burst.htm and it seems easy so far, but what confuses me is at the bottom of the page. For the dark edges, i am supposed to spray a gray burst (primer or lacquer?) around the body, then paint the entire thing in translucent red? I also want the entire backside of the guitar to be just black, so do i just spray the back black and then go around the side and front of the body and spray over the gray?
Or is all that just optional? can i just spray it in red primer, red lacquer, then do the front edges and back in black?
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If you want it to be see through red, stain the front red.

Then follow the tutorial for laying down black burst, and do the back and sides black too.

If you want solid red, replace the words "stain" with "paint".
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