i'm just posting this thread to vent.

i saw dragonforce live back in march of i think 2006. they put on a good show, so i bought a shirt. once guitar hero came out and there was a dragonforce song in it, anytime i wore that shirt, people called me a guitar hero nerd. i hadn't even played the game when i went to the concert.

well, tool is by far my favorite band, and now they're in guitar hero. now anytime i talk about tool or wear a shirt, i'm going to have the same dumbfucks calling me a guitar hero nerd. god this is bullshit.

i like rock band and other music games (not guitar hero though, it's shitty), but just because somebody happens to like a band that's in a game doesn't mean they're way into the game. if someone liking a band has any relation to the game, it was probably just the way they were exposed to that band. which is a good thing.

although it's really going to be shitty if all the guitar hero fanboys start shooting sticky wads over tool without knowing anything about how deep their music goes or how much work they put into making it amazing (lateralus' "holy gift," for example).

there's my rant. i'd always kinda wanted to be able to play tool in a game (mainly for the drums), but now that it's come i'm kinda wishing it hadn't.
Never played the games, but, if it introduces people to deserving music, then that is a good thing.
yeah I think this is the wrong forum.
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im with ya, man

but the only reason TTFATF was so hyped up was becouase of the incredible hardness of the game..

theres loadsa good longs in the game that fanboys havent ripped off..
No they won't. Dragonfarce are associated with the game because their song is the hardest. Toto, Smashing Pumpkins, Muse or RATM aren't associated with the game, and neither will Tool.

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i fully agree with you
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Tool fanboys are the worst. You're right there.

how? because i appreciate their music and their messages? i don't go trying to impose it on other people. there's nothing wrong with enjoying a band if you don't force other people to.
I hate it when people are like that. I like dragonforce, but I daren't talk about them in public, let alone wear a shirt, for the reason that there are assholes out there.
I played the first guitar hero, and that was it. I might get the one with the drums and mic though.
I've yet to meet anyone who thinks people listen to music based on guiar hero. nor have i met anyone who's like 'ZOMG 5 STARS!!!!11!!'. Yet, according to the pit, they're everywhere. Sure i've played the game but it seems to me the only people that i know who play are the people that like that kind of music anyway.
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If ever I wear a Tool shit, no one ever says anything like that to me, although I don't actually know anyone that's not a good friend who hasn't heard of them. The only thing that annoys me is that everyone thinks it says "fool"
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Tool fanboys are the worst. You're right there.

Take that back.
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Tool fanboys are the worst. You're right there.

People with dinosaurs for avatars are the worst.

/Stupid remarks.

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guitar hero ruined guitar

i have to disagree with you. guitar hero made people with no musical talent feel like they were a part of something musical. the thing that ruined it is when said people took it to the next level and acted like it mattered.
It's kind of the same with Tenacious D actually. In Belgium, there weren't a lot of people who knew the D, and it was kind of a cult-phenomenon... Now if you talk about Tenacious D, everyone's like: Yeah, they have super-awesome songs! The Metal is their best. - So what other songs do you know? - *silence*
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Also, Charmander.
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