Ok, so this album is considered the world over as an all time classic.
"The" album for a generation and so on...
so seeing is dirt cheap i naturally picked it up, however i can't for teh life of me get into it!

some riffs are nice, some ideas are ace however its just so gloomy and depressing! am i missing something? i wanna get into it. i want to love this album but its not doing it for me!

express your opinion on this album, go hell for leather on the pros and cons. whether you like it or not and maybe i will get some ideas of what angle to look at it

It's what is technically known as a 'grower', I didn't particularly like it at first but now it's my favourite album of all time so stick with it!

As for it being gloomy and depressing - welcome to Radiohead.

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lol yeah i just dont know...
i mean i like nirvana, so im not anti gloomy and depressing. its just ive had it for the best part of 5 months and im not feeling it.
This could be in the Radiohead thread really, nm.

Wait until the weathers a bit worse, on a cold rainy day - if you get those in Melbourne - then stick it on again.
When I first started listening to Ok Computer/Radiohead (cause this is the album that got me into them).. I don't think I liked it much and it sat on my shelf for a year. The only song I remotely liked was Paranoid Android, and I would just listen to that and Electioneering. It grew on me after a while and now it's one of my favorite albums.
Please use the Radiohead thread

It's a good album, give it a few more listens because it will probably grow on you.
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