Hey guys of the pit. I now have the intention of coming here a lot more and this is the first worthwile thing i coud think of asking you guys, so, here goes.

My band needs to make some cash, the problem is we're not old enough to work, does anyone have nay suggestions, moneys tight at the moment and i need a new axe, the band also needs some gear/studio time.

Any suggesestions will be greatly appriciated, sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Surely one of the members can get a paper round or a saturday job? Go round peoples houses asking if they have any jobs you can do like painting the walls or cleaning the car. Get gigs and play your music. Small stuff like that. And make sure you have somewhere free to rehearse such as the drummers house, because loaning rehearsal rooms isn't worth the price they charge.
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sell pancakes, a friend of mine did it for a month or two to buy new amps
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sell crepes, a friend of mine did it for a month or two to buy new amps

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The thing is all the paperrounds and stuff are taken, and we do already use the drummers place, his neighbors got really [can i swear?]... angry a me cause i was to loud though :-(
Develop a following and get donations.
Garage Sale.
Odd jobs around the neighborhood.
Car wash.
Sell candy and baked goods.
Play all acoustic out on the street with your hat on the floor.
Offer stock to anyone that would like to make an investment in your band. (I know, silly right?)

Rehearse in someone's basement or garage when you can. Don't waste money on rehearsal space. And search craigslist for some small time musicians with home studios that record for bands on the side. Cheaper, and you can possibly develop a relaxed relationship with the guy and he might throw in a few freebies.
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