I'm looking for a band in my region, but can't find anything that fits me.

So if you have ANY ideas for finding band members in Belgium, or if you happen to need a guitarist/singer or know someone who does, contact me.

I've found one site (http://www.denartist.be/) that's helpful(and free), but haven't found anything I'm looking for yet.
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I live near antwerp, I play guitar, bass, keyboards, a bit of drums and I sing.

If I was to create another band it would be something rock/blues/trash metal. So a mixture of Metallica, Danzig, Volbeat, Stevie Ray Vaughn and some other artists.


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where about in Belgium? Reasonably close to the Ghent area or Kortrijk and I might be able to help u
Hi, I live in Antwerp (Berchem to be more precise) and I'm also looking for a band,
I am a guitaris who is starting, but I try to learn from other people as fast as I can,
I've got lots of ideas of my own,
I'm mostly interested in metal (quite lot of subgenres, so I don't mention them all)
if you're interested, let me know :P