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My acoustics name is Shelby.
Was siting on the beach one day playing some Jack Johnson when I thought about naming my guitar. So I looked at all the sea shells and thought about how much she loved the beach then I decided to name her that.
My Les Paul's name is Martha just cuz.
Its my friend's mom's name and i called her mom because we were so close and I just thought it was a pretty name.
So what have you named your guitars and why?

I ordered it from overseas, and the company sent me a letter thanking me for my purchase. The letter was signed by someone called Darleen, and it fits my guitar perfectly.
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Jackson, Ibanez and Tanglewood. I can't think of any names that fit :/
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I call mine Searchbar.

Seriously though, I just call it "Ibby".
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Elle. I dunno why, i just think thats what it sounds like. she's a pretty little thing tho
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Daisy, because it was a girl I went out with ages ago and because its a ****ing cool name, and Pheonix.
Tigerlilly. I think this is what I'm going to name it anyway....


.... If you saw a picture you'd understand!
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Roxanne is the name of my guitar
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My strat is Josie, just cuz'

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Pinkly ... i want to paint her pink
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I named my Yamaha Pacifica George Washington jr. and my acoustic Janet Jackson....
I call my guitar awesome guitar because it's an awesome guitar.
I just need about $3.50

I'm the motherflippin'
I called mine Josie...well it's not actually mine but I got it on rent for...probably forever ^^
idk why's fun
it's a strat.
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my strat is called Gary
my acoustic is called Hank

and i need a name for my Iceman, any suggestions?
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at long f*cking last... a decent compliment

My Ibanez is Big Black, and my Acoustic is Vee
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got it as my profile pic. the name fits it well.
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Tigerlilly. I think this is what I'm going to name it anyway....


.... If you saw a picture you'd understand!

i was there man i get it
my sg's name is katlyn, cause that's a girl i'm pretty close to my tele's name iis stupid fat ***** that's about to get her ass sold so i can buy me an explorer and my first guitars name is pat i think my Explorer is gonna be amanda
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