Hey. Im getting into recording now and need a good pair of speakers for my laptop as the built in ones are rubbish. What would i be looking for and how much?
Would i need to buy a new sound card instead? My laptop is a HP Pavilion DV600.

Get some type of mixer or whatever they are called, you know those tone port boxes that let you plug stuff in? and then buy studio monitors to plug into them. I use a laptop to and the speakers were horrid, so i got a line6 toneport and some monitors for like 200$ total.

well to do recording properly trhere are a type of speakers that eliminate extra added sounds that come with normal speakers
but eh
i say go by a pair of logitech there are an awesome brand sound wise and money wise
an interface and a set of studio monitors is the way to go,
i use an M-Audio Firewire Solo and a pair of Tapco S5 monitors,
in total probably less than €300