Hi, i've was wondering if someone could help me tab the intro to this song, and if you have time to do the chorus aswell.. but for sure the intro. i've been trying to figure it out. i know it's not in standard tunning. i think it's down a half a step or something. but it's a great song, it would be awesome to play. i already looked for tabs elsewhere but none of them are any good, or they're on guitar pro (which i don't have)

Here's the link to the song. Please help me if you can.


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I'm feeling helpful so give me a second and I'll post the guitar pro version.

Edit: Sorry, my computers being retarded and won't export to ASCII but someone else could probably help you.
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okay, thanks. but if someone's gonna help me, could you not use guitarpro because i don't have guitarpro. i downloaded the demo but my evalluation period is over. so please tab it. thanks!
Check out tuxguitar, it's a free programme that will allow you to open the Guitar Pro file.

Or otherwise leave a link to the guitar pro file and what you want it converted into in the conversion thread
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