not sure if this is the right forum, but my bridge nut on my acoustic has snapped, and the only thing keeping it together is the pressure from the strings. i took it to a guitar shop by my house which does repairs, and i was told that i had to order a replacement direct from fender. he said my only other option is to buy a blank one and cut it myself. anyone know what i should do?
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do you mean a saddle? at the bridge?

you can buy them for cheap on musicians friend or stewmac.com or thru allparts, and just slip it in when you change your strings. just measure the size of the one you have now and place it facing the correct direction.

if you mean the nut, they have precut nuts also at those sites for a few bucks.

but getting a part number off of the fender site then walking into a guitar center to have them order that exact sized nut only costs a buck and ensures that you wont need to size it at all when the nut gets there.

anyway, pic?

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