I've decided I want a semi hollow or hollow(semi is more appealing I think).I don't have a lot to spend and I really like the Ibanez AS73,a lot. I tried the Epi Dot and it was nice too.The problem is,I'm going to see my fav,BB and I want him to sign my Guitar and I don't want to insult him by handing him anything other than an Epi or Gibson.So,do I get the Ibanez that I love and just pick up a low end epi for him to sign,or do I spend a bit more and get better Epi or Lucille,(or whatever you guys suggest) and have it signed and have it be my using guitar.What do you think?
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If he's insulted by a fan caring about his music enough to bring a guitar to a show for him to sign, then he's a dick, no matter how influential he's been. Get the guitar you like.

Agreed. He won't care what guitar it is, buy the one that does it for you.
I know he's signed strats in the past, BB is the man!

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BB King is cool enough not to care about the guitar you bring him, don't worry.
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I did it ,I bought a white Epiphone Dot for him to sign and for me to have forever,and I'm getting the Ibanez to play.I know,crazy but I'm stoked about it!!