Does anyone know of a website that lets you listen to music for free? (not radio stations)
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oddly true. if you live in the us try out pandora though, it's a nice recommendation tool.
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If you live in Australia, save your internet:

tunese (google it)
mp3realm ('')

and adding the term "site:mediafire.com" onto the end of a google search for albums

i use those alot.
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Im not sure of the exact web address... But Google Pandora Radio and see what pops up.
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Last.fm, PureVolume.com ftw
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Ruckus is a legal program that gives you unlimited free music downloads. You have to be a college student, though. The files are also copy-protected, so you can't burn them onto cds. Apparently you can put them on mp3 players, but I haven't figured out how.
What's wrong with YouTube?
Quality has always been fine to me.
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musgle, or anything along the same lines

brillaint site.