Listening as I type!

The first thing that strikes me is that I feel the bass needs fattening up, it could be a driving force in the song but its hardly there at all.
The drums need a little variation for sure, but I wouldn't over complicate them, just add some fills and such.
I suppose we're in the same boat on my final point: a little more practice just to get the guitar a bit smoother, but hey i think that applies to us all!

I gotta say theres definitely a lot of potential mate. I like.

Check mine out?
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Well congratulations on recording/posting your first song on UG. The riffs in here really aren't too bad, and this track could be improved by doing a few things. First, I have a Toneport, as well, you can really tweak up your tone a little, it sounded a bit muffled to me. Secondly, some parts of the song are synchronized with the drums but other parts sound off. It might work in your favor to record the song in small sections rather than from start to finish, this way you can correct any problems without having to start all over again each time. Anyway, don't stop recording! C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=984182
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we used a drum loop to keep it sounding interesting..
We had a limited time to record cos we are both 15 and live 45 min away from each other. I couldn't find a good clean sound for the guitar, and my friend kinda wanted to finish up cos he was tired. This is definitely just a demo but we wanted some criticism.
thanks for your comments.