I'm a teenager and I'm looking for guitarists to jam with, maybe play some covers, and do some gigs. Influences Zeppelin, The Who, Deep Purple, Hendrix, Iron Maiden, Metallica.

PM me if you are or know somebody that would be cool.
I live in toronto and also a teenager but im shit at guitar ...
No problem. How old are you? I happen to be 14.

I've been playing for all of 10 months, so i believe we'd be even in skill.
Yeah I live downtown, and im 15 right now ... gonna be 16 in november. And i've been playing for about 11 months.
Alright, so how are we going to do this. PM me with your details.
err it wont let me PM for some reason, alright ill just type it out here then ...
Um so yeah I'm Anthony, been playing for 11 months or so, im 15 yrs old, i live downtown, like a couple bus stops from wellesley station. You ?
I'm Daniel, I live in little Italy, also been playing for 11 months.

When are you available?

What gear do you have?
I'm available after school on fridays, saturdays before 2:30 pm ( guitar lesson at 3:30 ), and i'm available all day on sunday.

EDIT: Forgot about gear,
I have a Marshall MG 30 ... yeah i know, im getting a tiny terror soon or maybe a traynor. And for guitar, i have a Gibson Les Paul Studio and a kinda old yamaha acoustic.
Cool. We can meet next saturday or sunday. Give me your email and i'll send you my adress.

I've got a Epi T-bird, and a GK 400RB.
alright, do you have msn ? it would be easier to communicate ...