Hi, I have a Pentax Optio M20 which won't turn on. The last time i was using it, it ran out of batteries, showing the message "battery depleted", and the screen went black. However, the lens is STILL extended and won't go back in. I tried changing the batteries, but it doesn't seem to be responding. I also tried plugging it into my computer, still nothing. Any help? All help appriciated.
Sounds like it broke. Try yet another pair of batteries or send it for repairs.

Get a canon next time
Quote by n to the k
take it to the shop you bought it from

The problem is that
1. It was a gift, so I have no idea where it was from.
2. I got it approximitly 2 years ago...so the warranty is over.
3. The repair cost probably wouldn't be worth it, compared to buying a new camera, because the camera wasn't that expensive to begin with.
But thanks