I finally got to try almost all the guitars I wanted to. I'm not sure which one is going to provide the best bang for the buck? All of these felt good while playing them. This guitar is going to be for playing mostly metal rhythm and will be played through a tube amp.

Even though I played all of these they each have there +'s and -'s,. just hard to pick one out. I really like the fretboard on the Jeff Donias, it's ebony and if feels like it's super slick

ESP ltd Jeff Donias used $650(I love the fret board, it's really slick)ESP bridge and Locking tuners

I liked the Jackson KE3 but the only one with a fixed bridge has cheap components and probably a cheap build.

ESP ex400

ibanez Xiphos XPT700fx, neck was a little wide.

PRS SE Paul Allendar(felt better than the standard SE, not sure if they changed the neck shape haven't looked yet)
LTD, IMO is the best. I'd go for the EX-400 as it has more than just a volume control.
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
I own a Paul Allender, and think it has ALOT of bang for the buck. It doesn't go out of tune even if you abuse the bar. Sounds great, the neck is wider and thinner then the regular SE's. Great all around guitar. I can't really tell you much about the others, except I know the EX-400 is pretty damn nice.

OH I forgot to mention, Even if your playing through a tube amp, I still hate emg's I find them completely unnecessary but that's up to you.
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Don't you mean Jon Donais?

Anyway, i would say go with the Xiphos or the ex400, because that signature model is probably overpriced...

The d activators are supposedly pretty nice, and i love ibanez necks. What looks more metal than the Xiphos?

The Ex400 is also a good choice, nothin bad to say about that.
Don't you mean Jon Donais?QUOTE]

Yes, spelled it wrong. I was looking at a used one that would be in that $600 US range. New that JD esp ltd is $900 US.