Recently I've been in the market for a new cab + head, I have made a few threads trying to decide on a new bass or cab + head. I technically really need a new head + cab, considering I only have a practice amp, but a new bass just makes my mind wander.

Anywho, I have decided on a head that I would get. A Hartke 5000 Transient Attack. They are great, they have many features, Bi-amp, Direct out, 10 band Eq, tube pre amp, compression, etc,. for fairly cheap. I was wondering, if I only had a 4x10 (or 4x12) to start with, would I plug it into the 5000's High or Low frequency speaker plugins in the back?

Also, the amp is 250 + 250 watts, it's meant to be bi amped. I don't exactly know what bi amping is, and it confuses me a fair amount. What is bi-amping, exactly?

The hartke has four speaker plugins, two for low frequency's, two for high frequencies. What amount of wattage would I need to get in a cab for these four speakers? I'm looking at either a 4x12, or 4x10 for the high's and two 2x15's for the lows. Any suggestions?

Also, it has direct out, and I'm looking at a pre/ post amp. I noticed BBE Bmax have quite a few good ones that are good for budget. Since the head already has a tube with solidstate pre amp, which you can blend, or only use one of, a 10 band eq, two contour knobs, two crossover knobs and a compression knob, should I look into a pre/ post amp?

Since it can run four speakers, does this mean I'll have 500 watts, or 1000 watts?

Sorry for the jumble of questions!

Here is a link to the head

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Biamping is where you send the low freqs to a cab, and the higher freqs to another, e.g. low to a 15, highs to a set of 10s or 12s.

The head is 500 watts- it has two speaker outputs for either side of the crossover if you use 8 ohm cabs- you get 170 watts using one 8 ohm cab, the second 8 ohm cab will use the rest of the wattage. If you use one 4 ohm cab, you'll get all the wattage into one speaker. That's my understanding anyways.
Okay, so since it has four input jacks, two for high, two for low, both needing to be eight ohm cabs plugged in, can I plug in four cabs to it? Two 2x15, two 4x15s? If I do this, what amount of wattage will the cabs need to have?

It seems so simple, yet it's complicated to me : (
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Well, your cabs will have to handle at least 170 watts, which is easy to find. My Ashdown MAG410T handles 450watts at 8 ohms, and only costs £200.

Out of interest, do you really need 3cabs? Cabs are heavy (Aforementioned cab weighing in at 27.5kg), bulky (more of a problem than the weight) and getting 3 of them will be expensive. And you don't need 4 15 inch speakers. Two will do you fine.
I don't, I'm just thinking of the possibilities.

So I just need a cab that is over 170 watts?

I have three shows in February (I'm directing the schools musical, I made a thread about a month ago about it) and we might not have a PA to use. So, I'm just curious if I should look into getting four cabs to be able to power the High School Gym full of bass. Thanks for the help Delirium, I'm a bit new to cabs + heads.

I also forgot to ask, there are a few reviews saying that the stock tube isn't very great, and that I should switch it with a JJ/ Tesla tube. What tube would I switch it with, exactly? Someone said they switched it with a JJ/ Tesla *High Gain* tube, but I never found one after searching for it.
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