I have an Austin Standard Strat knockoff. its a hunk of shit and i replaced it already with an epiphone les paul standard. Instead of throwing it away is it worth putting some decent pickups in there? I have a Marshall Valvestate 65r ( old one not the new digital version) Oh and the guitar is made of hardwood.
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Hah, SG Rocker's sig sums this up perfectly. Your money is best spent on a new strat down the road.


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I've got the SAME guitar dude... I know it's a hunk of shit, but it was my first guitar so I love it to death.
In my opinion, always get a really good amp before trying to upgrade your guitar, but that's just my humble opinion.
its not gonna give u a good tone but if u wnat to replace them for some practice moding then yah go ahead
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If you like the feel of the guitar then maybe get some GFS ones or something. Don't waste money on SDs or anything though. That would be ridiculous.
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If you think you would use it, then yes. It's important to consider how much it will cost though. I have a Hondo Strat that I put new tuners in, and new pickups. While I'm happy with it, and it plays well, it cost alot more than i thought it would...
once you get a better amp, go for it... good practice with modding and stuff...
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... good practice with modding and stuff...

That would be the only reason. As a tech learner. Other then that no way. Any decent pickup would probably be more then the worth of the guitar. Wouldn't be much value in that.
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