Well, I was reading my Guitar Player magazine yesterday, and there was an ad for Modtone Effects, specifically their chorus.

Anyway has anyone heard of these, or are they a new brand?
i saw that and for the price they look amazing and their look is awesome. im going to get myself a chorus
yah they look pretty good havent seen any reviews.

Ill probly try out there range when i go to sam ash tommorow.
HHMM i wonder if that review is biased any.

Ill just try them out myself thanks tough.
i read it. and it didnt seem to be biased. they did have a couple cons but the pros definitely out weighed them.
My local store has a bunch of them, but i've never tried them.
They look decent though.
Call me Wes.
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I've tried a few of them...the chorus and tremolo are decent, and so is the delay. The delay just didn't have very long delay times (I love my Echo #1 so I'm kinda biased here). The Speedbox distortion is probably my favorite. I use mine mainly as an overdrive, but its got some pretty good metal distortion (a good alternative to the Metal Muff).