I'm looking to upgrade most of my gear very soon (bad move trying to gig with an MG100DFX....), and was looking into the Vox AD100VTH head, combined with a Marshall MC212 2x12 cabinet. From listening to a few audio clips and some reviews here on UG this seems like a very good head for the price, and a way to get a sound similar to an all-tube head without the need to replace tubes, hence no need for a backup live in almost all situations i presume.

As far as the Cab goes, I'm not too sure what the quality would be like on the MC212 2x12, the price mainly was the factor that got me interested.

My playing style is pretty much the post-hardcore sound, similar to funeral for a friend, but I always like to have a crisp clean tone as I find myself using the clean channel frequently.

overall the price for the head+cab is £314, which is a good deal I think. I will definitely make the transition to tube heads later, but for now all I need is a good sounding rig which I know will keep me going for the whole of next year at least without the worry of replacing parts.

Anyone who has tried these out before, your help would be much appreciated, thanks!