im heading to the library in a bit and i want some suggestions for books because everytime i go there i just go blank and never know what to get. some authors i like are vonnegut, dostoyevsky, palahniuk, salinger, ect. any sweet suggestions outside those guys?
the stranger by albert camus seems like something you'd like

and 'the bell jar' by sylvia plath
i read the stranger and i really enjoyed that book, ill check out the bell jar though, thanks a lot.
Any John Grisham book
his books are amazing
mostrly thrillers...
id recomend u The Bretheren or The Partner both by Grisham
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Atlas Shrugged : Ayn Rand
Anything by her, really.

Anything by Isaac Asimov or HP Lovecraft is good too.
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dud!!! u gotta go for amelia bedelia.

read those in first grade. warm memories
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emphyrio - jack vance

/thread, read it, love it
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