Which is better for passive humbuckers, ceramic disc capacitors or polyester film capacitors?
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A lot of people say that ceramics give it a grittier sound or something. I guess it's just preference.
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film caps are "better"
but neither cap does much of anything, until you roll the tone control down.

film caps are almost as cheap as ceramic.
i don't see the harm in spending a few more pennies.
it would be silly, imho, to spend buck$ for paper in oil caps for a guitar tone cut, though.

fwiw, fender has used ceramics for years. i don't really see a problem.
this isn't like in an amp where you couple all the signal to the next stage with a cap.
there, capacitor choices are much more important.
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well I had both so I decided to ask. Thanks !
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!