Ive been playing for a year now and am looking to upgrade my guitar and amp setup but I have a problem I dont know what guitar: amp combo to get. I play metal, punk, jazz and some alternative. I also have budget of about $300-$450. Thanks for the help!
thats about £150 - £225 yeah? I'm not sure your going to get much from that...

i'd either save up more... or buy a new amp OR guitar.

If your going for guitar, i'd personally recommend (sp?) the Epiphone G-400.
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That's not a lot for both amp and guitar.

Use craigslist dude to get better value. I see stuff on toledo.craigslist right now.

Maybe this for amp: Peavey Transtube $125

I would have absolutely no idea what guitar is best for you with your OP (original post) so I think you are just going to have to go play some stuff. Stratocaster's are pretty versatile and you can find one used easily for $350 or less. Heck a new standard strat (what I have) is like $375.

More amps:
Peavey Encore 'tube' amp ($150) I don't think this is a tube amp.

If you have a decent guitar now I also see a Laney all tube amp and a Marshall JCM800 - each is $500. That is what 'I' would do.

There is a whole bunch of stuff in this post (guitars and amps) - prolly a mom and pop shop
What do you have now?

Unless your guitar is absolutely horrible, I'm going to recommend you spend it all on an amp, or at least most of it.
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