Music is our shelter a place that we can go
Through music we are united and unity brings hope
Hope for peace and freedom, hope for change
Hope for an end of our leaders so derranged

An eye for an eye will leave us all blind
Tooth for a tooth we'll be raging wars for all time
Throw away the anger and hate in your heart
And put down all your guns...

Does anybody know where humanity has gone?
Does anybody know where the unity has gone?...all i got for now, any ideas?
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uhh if this is lyrics it needs at least two to three versus and two chorus's but i like the meaning of it just needs to have a different flow and style to it.
this is really good, like it so far, but be careful, this is very very close to being cliche.

finish it and post it up when its complete.

i find it kinda hard to crit unfinished pieces, sorry, so consider this a bump.