Im a guitarist whos looking to make the transition from to the bass. I've always wanted to play the bass but my uncle had a guitar and gave it tom me so i played that for awhile. My only problem is i want to get a band together w/my friends and we already have a bass player. Any opions on what I should do. Also if you any recommedations on basses I could buy. And also could I play a Bass through a guitar amp? ( Line 6 Spider III)
Dont play your bass through a guitar amp.
Get a beginner kit like the ibanez one or the Squire one cos that will include an amp.
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And also could I play a Bass through a guitar amp? ( Line 6 Spider III)

As for what bass to buy, if you're looking for a beginner level you can get an Ibanez GSR200.
Go up and read the FAQ. There is a good deal of info there on starter basses, amps and basic bass technique.

Now....on to other advise:

1. Get a good thick guitar strap. Your current one will not hack it. Period.
2. Treat bass as a totally different instrument, completely unrelated to guitar. It will make it easier for you not to pick up bad habits.
3. Keep your fretting thumb behind the neck (it acts as a pivot), your fretting arm close your body and if you play fingerstyle, your hand perpendicular to the strings.
4. Do not play through a guitar amp--get a bass amp. Crank a guitar amp while playing bass and the gods will reward you with smoke and blown amp. Plus it will sound so much better on a bass amp.
5. Get a metronome. Guitar is forgiving in rhythm tightness, bass is not. Get some drum loops and play with them. The drummer is now your brother in arms, lock with him/her and you will be the rhythm section invincible.